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Jun 19, 2020 1:21:52 PM / by Spiketrap, Inc.

EA Recap

Staying true to the tradition EA has built around its annual EA Play stream, this year’s stream had something for everyone. Starting off by acknowledging the current state of the world with the Covid-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests happening world-wide, EA CEO Andrew Wilson commended the gaming community and players for using games to connect socially and proving how video games are an essential form of entertainment, especially during this time.

EA showcased several new and evolving games during its stream including a new Collection Event in Apex Legends, an emotional look at Sims through testimonials of players, an invigorating look at EA Sports Madden 21 and FIFA 21, and the long awaited announcement of Skate coming back! In an effort to reach and connect as many gamers as possible, EA has announced many of its games are heading to Steam and Nintendo Switch in the near future, as well as, announcing cross-play for some of its more popular titles, such as Apex: Legends. Initial reactions to the overall event were positive, as viewers looked forward to the lineup of games and gameplay footage of leaked games from earlier in the week.

EA Originals - Lost in Random 

EA-Lost in Random

EA highlighted its work with three developers in their EA Original division including Hazelight’s It Takes Two, Strike Games’ Rocket Arena, and Zoink Games’ Lost in Random. The latter title, Lost in Random, had a high level of engagement and positive sentiment, as audiences reacted favorably to the rich, Gothic imagery, an

d storytelling reminiscent of a Tim Burton art style and animation. This coming of age story follows characters, Even, a little girl with a big heart, and her friend Dice, who live in a world where “random” is feared. An intriguing game for sure, but still a long way from release, Lost in Random is one to watch for.

Star Wars: Squadrons

EA-Star Wars

A major portion of EA Play was dedicated to the latest installment in the Star Wars series, Squadrons. Motive Studios showcased an impressive trailer and gameplay of Star Wars: Squadrons showcasing how players earn their wings with a variety of spacecraft. Starting in a single-player story spanning two factions and then transitioning to multiplayer where you are part of a 5 pilot squadron, SW: Squadrons was built on a foundation any Star Wars fan will enjoy.

Initial reactions to the gameplay reveal were positive, with viewers praising the quality of the graphics and hoping the graphics would be used for other EA games. There are over 50 components to earn through the game, a diverse cast of characters, and multiple modes of combat including Dogfights Mode and Fleet Battles, making for an exciting adventure for players. SW: Squadrons will also be available in VR and incorporate cross-play, creating the definitive Star Wars pilot experience. Launching later this year on October 2nd get ready and may the force be with you.

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