Mafia: Definitive Edition

Jun 16, 2020 5:07:23 PM / by Spiketrap, Inc.

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2K and Hangar 13 have remastered the 2002 Definitive Edition of Mafia with precise detail and attention. The original trilogy has been completely remastered with 4k support. The 1930’s prohibition setting is the same, set in the city of Lost Heaven, loosely based on the Chicago landscape. Not only has every aspect of gameplay been redone and every asset rebuilt, but all cinematic elements have been rewritten with cutting edge facial scanning, enhancing expressions and details.

While the story, plot, and missions are the same, keeping with the nostalgic vibe of fans, the city and driving details have also been remastered to meet the expectations of today’s gamers. Initial reactions of the remaster are positive, as fans are excited to experience the first entry in the series again, but has received mixed reactions for the quality of its facial and graphical overhaul. The remastered Mafia Definitive Edition is set to launch on August 28th.

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