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Jun 24, 2020 9:49:21 PM / by Spiketrap, Inc.

Square Enix Marvel

Staying true to the 50 years of lore and history from the comics, Square Enix tells a unique story in Marvel’s Avengers and expands their universe with the newly revealed footage that took a deeper dive into the hero based gameplay. As players enter the game, several years have passed since “A-Day”, a day for celebration for the Avengers wherein a tragedy caused death and destruction and the Avengers were blamed. The supervillain, MODOK has emerged to manipulate public fear and control machines with his mind, making him the most sophisticated threat the Avengers have ever faced.

Modern Avenger fans will be able to play in both single-player mode and teams of four in War Zones. There are several ways to customize your character including classic outfits inspired by the comics going all the way back to the 60’s, as well as the ability to select your character’s attitude with emote customization. You can also match your hero to your style of play with combat versatility. There are also single-player campaigns called Hero Missions, where you can engage in non-A-Day play, selecting from a variety of your favorite Avengers characters including Iron Man, Thor, and Black Widow.

In War Zones, players will be able to come together on the Helicarrier, select missions or challenges, and explore several different cities and locations with a variety of landscapes. Along the way you will work with The Resistance, a diverse cast composed of inhumans, shield agents, and other factions to help you along your journey. Initial reactions from the stream are very positive, as viewers enjoyed the look, feel, and gameplay of the hero missions and war zones gameplay. Marvel’s Avengers is set to launch on September, 4th.

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