Mythical Game's Blankos: Block Party

Jun 12, 2020 11:52:14 AM / by Spiketrap, Inc.

Mythical Games-2

What do toys do when humans aren’t in the room? Throw a block party of course! Mythical’s Blankos: Block Party gameplay stream showed a fun, colorful, and easy to build world. The free-to-play game lets players design their own single and multiplayer experiences, while collecting and leveling up different Blankos, living figurines inspired by the urban and designer vinyl scene.

Creators of the game plan to listen to the players and the gaming community in expanding future seasons of the game. Initial reactions from the livestream have been mixed, which can be reflected by a sentiment score of 55, as players view the game as boring or a cash grab, while some viewers really enjoyed the art, feel, and gameplay. While it has drawn some comparison to the Little Big Planet game, Blankos: Block Party is looking to carve a spot out in the market when launching by the end of 2020 on PC.

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