Spiketrap Launches Review Summary Dashboard in Beta

Aug 25, 2020 12:57:36 PM / by Spiketrap, Inc.


What inspires your users to leave a 5-star review, and what drives them to give a 1-star rating? Discovering the answers is easier than ever with Spiketrap’s new Review Summary Dashboard, now available in beta!

Within the Review Summary Dashboard, Spiketrap clients have unparalleled insight into video game reviews. Specifically, Spiketrap clients can now monitor reviews across top stores & sites, identify themes, understand outliers, and discover key moments.

Monitor reviews across top stores & sites
The new Review Summary Dashboard already provides insights across the top game stores & sites, including:

  • Google Play
  • App Store
  • Microsoft Store
  • Steam
  • Metacritic

This empowers Spiketrap users to see what’s being said across stores, or filter to one area of interest. As the beta period progresses, additional sites will be added.

Identify themes & understand outliers
Conversation cards provide a clear view of rating distribution by topic, illuminating what’s driving 1-star and 5 star reviews. Cohorted insights provide additional granularity, helping Spiketrap users identify nuances and outliers.


Discover key moments
A convenient histogram of review topics over time helps uncover the moments and topics that inspired reviews.


Getting Started
The new Review Summary Dashboard is unlocked for all current Spiketrap users. Simply hover over the CONVOS tab for any game and select REVIEWS from the menu. 

About Spiketrap
Spiketrap’s AI-powered consumer intelligence platform helps global brands move faster, make better decisions, save money, and empower their teams to produce the highest-quality and most-desired content in the world. Our proprietary natural language processing machine learning is able to extract true meaning in real-time from complex and multi-source customer-generated-content to produce coherent conversations that increase speed to insight. Spiketrap is a modern era conversation platform.

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